Deals and promotions to help your nonprofit take its social media game to the next level

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I’ve only been in the professional world for about eight years, but in that time I’ve had about 12 different positions and have come to learn a lot about working and the workforce. I could go on and on about what I’ve already learned working in various industries for the past eight years, but I’ll save that for another day.

Instead, today I want to talk about my experience working in the nonprofit industry — an industry filled to the brim with passionate people wearing multiple hats for the sake of their organization. …

Tips for cause organizations looking to take their social media to the next level

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Today, social media is awash with promotions. Being “successful” on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook means being intentional with your copy and having a good handle on your “ask.” Moreover, there’s one question every social media user, organization or otherwise, must answer before establishing their social presence. What is it I’m selling?

Is it a product, a lifestyle, an experience? What are the things or features that everyone, regardless of their background, should be able to point out as indicative of your brand? I’d argue that finding the answers to these questions is easier for some, namely celebrities and…

A 3 pronged approach to creating an effective content production process for novice Medium writers

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I decided to get serious about my writing in Jan. 2021. Having spent the past year wallowing in my isolation or gazing out my window as I pondered over book idea after book idea, I decided it was time to cut the crap.

I’d picked up blogging on Medium a few months before my official return to the site, but had only released a few pieces. None of which had gone anywhere. Needless to say, I knew I’d have to make a few changes.

For one, I’d have to stop writing things that only I would want to read. For…

A closer look at Buffy’s arc in the groundbreaking TV show

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Though I’m a generation removed from the show itself, I still think Buffy the Vampire Slayer holds rank as one of the most iconic shows to ever exist. A show that rivals the inanity of Friends, the mystery of Lost and any other heavy hitter you can think of. In my view, there’s a number of reasons for this

For one, Buffy was one of the first shows that spoke to a previously overlooked audience in teenagers. …

Awesome! Both of these books are set to receive the big screen treatment in the coming years so I can't wait to tune into their adaptations as well!

Plot twist: It wasn’t Angel or Spike, and definitely not Riley

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Buffy and the big screen

In 1992, audiences were first introduced to vacuous, spunky, vain Buffy, whose affinity for fashion and cheerleading would make her the envy of valley girls everywhere.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer follows Buffy as she reluctantly steps into her role as “The Slayer,” an ancient being that maintains a balance between the forces of evil (including, but not limited to: vampires, demons, and spirits) and the human race.

Buffy’s anointment as Slayer comes complete with a mysterious chaperone named Merrick, the rise of a raging undead army in her town, and tons of highschool drama to boot.

The movie has all…

Books featuring complex heroines, salient social topics, murder and more

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I was looking at my bookcase the other day, and realized something. Of the 84 books I have, about 60 (or 71%) of them are written by women. And it was this discovery that got me thinking.

Seeing as March is Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is fast-approaching, I thought now might be a good time to amplify the voices of some women-identifying writers whose works I’ve read over the years.

I love a good heroine, and the works below consistently deliver on the empowered women front. …

3 theories on how Vision might make it out alive in the show’s finale

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Spoiler Alert: Don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen episode 8 of WandaVision

We’re eight episodes into the chaos that is WandaVision. And with only one episode left, the series has a lot of explaining to do. This season admittedly left me in shambles. My emotions ran the gamut of jubilance to pure despair while watching. But I’ve stayed the course and couldn’t be more excited to see how it all ends.

The penultimate of this season, aptly called “Previously On” further inflamed Wanda’s bereavement, and we saw Agnes aka Agatha Harkness unleashing her powers to take Wanda on a…

3 tips to help you manage money and make “adult” decisions

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There’s a lot to know when it comes to managing your finances, and for most of us, this process of “adulting” after graduation is akin to trial by fire. That was certainly true for me, as shortly after my graduation I found myself in possession of a large sum of cash courtesy of the new job I had just started.

After graduation, I came up with a few goals. All of which required money. Getting a new car, moving into my own place and purchasing furniture were all on my short list, but it soon became very clear that I…

4 practical tips to help you ace your next virtual interview

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Gone are the days where the difference between a stern handshake and a limp fish could be the one thing to determine if you got the job or not. Where all you needed to win over an interviewer was steady eye contact and an amicable disposition.

Thanks to the pandemic, all of the tools we once wielded with apt to win the hearts of interviewers everywhere are now useless. Anachronist to a time many say we’ll soon forget entirely. The rules of the game have changed, and it’s important to have a good understanding of just how different the job…

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