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  • Asher "Zach" Neuman

    Asher "Zach" Neuman

    Writing about marketing & the creative process. Support my work by joining Medium @ https://bit.ly/30NtxXe (an affiliate link, so I earn a portion of the fee).

  • Zoe Yu

    Zoe Yu

    Writer, reader, & Oxford comma loyalist.

  • Aditi K

    Aditi K

    Sharing candid moments with research based information!

  • Courtney Burry

    Courtney Burry

    5X top writer. I love to use satire and humor. I write about travel, politics, family, feminism, sports, health & music. So, basically everything.

  • Danielle Loewen

    Danielle Loewen

    she/her | reader | queer feminist | recovering academic | body lover | gamer | poet & fabulist

  • Donnette Anglin

    Donnette Anglin

    A brave writer — Writing to heal, bring conscious change, and make sense of life.

  • Rui Alves

    Rui Alves

    Mindset Coach & Web 3.0 Digital Disruptor. Founder of Beloved and Rock n’Heavy: Exploring ideas that leapfrog ahead: 💡 https://rui-alves.medium.com/membership

  • Gary Chapin

    Gary Chapin

    All time Top Writer in Accordions. I write. I have always written. I play accordion. I have an extraordinary ability to be fascinated by things.

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